Top 5 must own Android Tablet Apps

I originally planned on making just one article based on android phones, but eventually changed my mind and decided to do one for android tabs as well. These apps are some of the best Specialized apps you will find on tablet and phones.

  • Evernote

Evernote is a simple easy to use office app for the businessman on the go or the modern chick that just likes to keep everything in order and add to her diary. The app is as I stated easy to use, but do not take that for meaning limited. It covers all the bases an app like this needs to. It has a neat note app which has; bold txt, italic, underline, list and embed pictures. The app also features voice recordings; a very useful tool for students. A sticky note type memo feature is also included for those times when you need to jot down something quickly. Now most of these features can be found in a few other apps, and some handle some individual features better. What sets this one apart is that it does all that it sets out to do well, not perfect but well enough with very little resources. It does not need constant net which is always a plus in my book, but for those that use multiple devices like myself a sync feature is also present. The app has many more features like a  share feature that I won’t go in to details here about, so take my word and give it a download and try it for yourself , oh and did I mention it’s free!   Link

  • Aldiko

One of the best reasons for owning a tablet device is for reading eBooks. In this department you have so many options from kindle to Aldiko. The latter shines out more to me because of a few personal esthetics like the interface.  Aldiko’s interface is like that of a virtual wooden book shelf. Something about a look like this comforts an old school reader like myself. It may not be able to capture the smell of an old book or the feeling of the pages between your fingers, but by god it captures the look perfectly. Aldiko is not just a pretty face either, it is a full E-reader app; supporting formats like pdf and epub from external sources as well as having a full featured store with tons of books to choose from. This app is a tablets best friend and a must have for all tablet users. Link

  • Flipboard

Flipboard is a very convenient app that I found on my brothers phone and fell in love with. The app takes the simplicity of flipping a page and cleverly connects it to a collection of the users news feeds. When I say news feed I don’t only mean Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, but also any URL, rss or hyperlink on the planet. The app allows users to organize their boards in any order they so desire and even offers a few suggested feeds depending on your interest. This app needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated. When you download the app it would be cool if you search for (button smashers podcast) using in app search engine and add our to Facebook page to your Flipboard to get the latest updates as we post them straight to your device. Thank you I advance 😉  Link

  • Manga watcher

You know I couldn’t make a top 5 app list and not include a manga reader app. Since I started using android as my primary mobile devices I have search the vast app ecosystem for the perfect manga reader, however for an app to be even considered the app must be easy to use, neat, fast, have a large catalog, download option, updates and an attractive interface. After a long search I think I have found an app that meets all of those requirements and even surpasses them in some ways. As any avid manga reader knows, an app without ecchi (18+) manga is a waste of time. MW pulls its manga from a good collection of subs so no need to worry about missing the next Nozoki ana because of censorship. The download feature is also great, allowing for chapters to be queued or even set to auto download as a new chapter of your favorite series is available (#cough, One Piece). The app is neat as well with menus neatly tucked into the interface of a beautiful virtual book shelf like that of Aldiko. If you have an android tab and do not have or get this app #shame on you. The app is not available in the app store so it will require installation via an apk (android install exe).  Link

manga watcher

  •  MX Player

MX Player is the tablet equivalent to PC media players like VLC and KMPlayer. This media player will hopefully be your first and last media player on your tablet. It automatically searches every corner of your devices storage for any format that it can read and adds it to its library (sorry guys who want to hide their adult movies). The app will play any common video media format, with amazing quality and even subs where they are available. An app like this is essential for any that use their tablet for streaming content as well. I have tested it to stream from links that may be inaccessible from your tablets browser, and it works superb. The player also has all the standards you would expect from a media player these days, standards like pause, play and a seek bar. The skipping is fluid and smooth. It also takes advantage of the touch gestures on your devices i.e. sliding your finger up and down the screen while using the player to adjust the volume or sliding it back and forth to skip ahead or go back.  Link

These are all suggestion from my personal collection of apps that I use on a daily bases. Some of these apps may not be for all readers but they are all worth a try so see if they work for you, also some apps may not function the same for you as they work for me depending on your devices spec, so keep that in mind.

Here are some other apps that deserve a mention:

Veetle: streaming app

Ruzzle: an interesting word game that can be played with friends.

Manga Searcher: a light weight manga reader with all the essential features.

Manga camera: a cool camera app that turns any picture taken in to a pencil version.

Google drive: the other office app you may want.

Recipe Search: the name says it all. Happy cooking.

Brightest flashlight: the best flashlight replacement for the android user, with cool splinter cell night vision sound effect.

Google chrome: forget that stock browser you want chrome.

Lastfm: share what you listen to with friends.

Zedge: the only app you need for changing notification tones and wallpapers.

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