What a wonderful day (Sunshine Award!)

After making my morning Curry and of course eating it. I was greeted to a wonderful message in the Button Smashers message box. The Button Smashers Blog has been Nominated For The Sunshine Blogger Award. It totally made my day and that Nomination is all thanks to AEDANIA!


So here is the way this works:

  • Use the Above Logo in your Post
  • Link to whoever nominated you. Thanks to AEDANIA from the entire Button Smashers Family.
  • write a 10 piece information about yourself (our site the BSB)
  • Nominate ten Fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
  • Leave a comment on the nominee’s blog to tell them about the award.

Our 10 Fun Facts:

  1. BSB is made up of many different members from all over the globe.
  2. We started out as a podcast.
  3. The original name was not Button Smashers (thanks Kitami).
  4. Q? loves curry.
  5. Yes that is Kitami’s real voice on the BSP.
  6. Shellz was one of BSP’s first guest.
  7. Adrian loves Kitami (but not in the way I want him to 🙁 ).
  8. Ryu Has the most awesome loo in the world.
  9. Button Smashers was started from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.
  10. Most people think Rai’s Thumbnail is a Chick, so i’ve been told.

Our 10 Nominees (chosen from Q?’s top subscriptions)

  1. What’s Your Tag?
  2. Ville Ventures Films
  3. Geek ‘n Girly
  4. Confessions of a Gamers Girlfriend
  5. Pixel Rated 
  6. Cheap Boss Attack
  8. SubParGames
  9. Another Castle
  10.  Jem Gamer Girls

The fact that we got Nominated is thanks to my amazing team of writer, gamers, artest, editors and of course most important the entire Button Smashers Family that read, comment and show support to our site. Thank you all.

Qudduws Campbell

That messy hair bloke: Romantic, Food lover, Gamer, Sports Fan, Manga Reader, Tech Head, Podcaster... Pretty much do a bit of everything.

One Comment

  1. Thank you guys so much for the nomination! It really means a lot to see people engaging and enjoying what we’re doing. We try to have fun with it and we encourage others to join us.
    Again, thank you guys for being so awesome.