“Zelda: Mystery of Solarus” – The Hero’s Blade!

It has been a while since I did a session of the awesome fan-game The Legend of Zelda: Mystery of Solarus (back in April, actually), and I have been really wanting to go ahead and finish this game off. It’s a great game, and one that people really do owe it to themselves to download and play, but I think it is about time to complete this game.

However, I recently discovered that the bone key that I wondered about a while back actually can be used to get the player the most powerful sword in the game. This sword upgrade is optional, however, it is twice as strong as the sword I had going into this video, and considering that we are about to go into Ganon’s Lair, it seems to make sense for us to have the advantage of a stronger weapon. However, the location of the sword was a mystery to me, and it was only after digging around online that I found out that there was a hidden passage in Dungeon 8. What bugs me about this is that as far as I can tell there is no hint at where this sword was hidden, or that there was a secret in that specific room, which kind of makes it something you’d really only discover by accident, unless I missed a vital NPC at some point who would have told me about it.

Nonetheless, after some poking around I did manage to find the path to the weapon, and it is actually pretty unique because it takes you through different dungeons in what looks like a rather interesting connection of tunnels, with the sword itself being hidden in a chest in one of the dungeons that we could not get to before. Very cool.

So, next time, get ready for us to finally tackle Ganon’s Lair and beat this game!

Jessica Brown

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