You Suck at Parking may be the next big party game

Today during the Microsoft ID@Xbox Showcase they announced the addition of Happy Volcano’s You Suck at Parking joining Game Pass. In a similar to apple way it was also confirmed that it was on the subscription service immediately.

You Suck at Parking comprises both single-player and online multiplayer modes, offering players the world’s most extreme parking experience and the only racing game where, uniquely, the goal is to come to a stop. Success is all about racing against the clock as players dash, drift, and drag their handbrakes as they slam into parking spots in quick time.

A bit more than Just cosmetics

Happy Volcano can also announce it is working with LifePack for the first season of You Suck at Parking™, starting today and ending on Wednesday 30th November, 2022. LifePack is a gaming charity that focuses on tackling child malnutrition. Players will be able to purchase a LifePack premium cosmetics bundle in the store, with all proceeds going to the charity.

In You Suck at Parking, players can:

  • Speed through stages navigating obstacles aplenty before hitting the designated parking spots, all whilst somehow keeping cool, calm, and collected in the process.
  • Unlock Parking Tokens with their parking skills that serve up new customization options to pimp your ride with.
  • Climb the global leaderboards and prove to your friends that you truly do have the power to stop. Maybe not the world, but a car, at least.
  • Experience an ever-growing, always-expanding, forever-changing game, where more cars, more biomes, more tracks, and more customisation options are regularly added to the roster.

You Suck at Parking will launch on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation in 2023 – for $19.99/€19.99/£16.99

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