“The Witcher 2” Long Play: Chapter 3-3 (Finale!)

After lots of recording, adventuring, and fun conversations online with people about the game, we are finally at the end of our Long Play journey through The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Yet, don’t be too sad just yet: The ending wraps everything up very neatly, yet leaves a lot of openings for some more great story-telling that will be coming when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt hits in February of 2015.

In many ways, some of the events in this video make us wonder just how futile certain things may have been. Temeria’s fate, for example, is one of these things. We get true insight into the Kingslayer’s reasons for his actions and discover that many folks were not at all who they pretended to be. Yet, that said, there seems to be some hope in Geralt’s future, even if not in the future of the Northern Kingdoms. Things may look bleak, yet there might be some interesting adventures on the horizon yet.

Please stay tuned through the very end for a final closing message, and please stay tuned for my other upcoming series!

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