Massive Cyberpunk 2077 Spoilers

...that's right the game has been delayed yet again.

We are just days away from the launch of two major next generation consoles, and it’s fair to say that along with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla many of us were looking to boot up Cyberpunk 2077 on our shiny (and massive) new consoles.

Well, spoilers, we’re going to have to wait a few more weeks to dive into this particular future dystopian world. CD Projekt RED has already delayed Cyberpunk 2077 several times, and recently they have taken some heat online for asking their employees to “crunch” or spend long weekends on the project.

Despite all these previous delays and extra hours on the game, the difficult decision was made to delay the game yet again to December 10. The announcement was made this morning on Twitter.

breaking our hearts yet again

Citing the difficulty of working from home to quality test the nine versions of the game, the message states that even though the game has passed certification, the studio has decided it needs three more weeks to quality test. This means that even when we get the game December 10, we can expect a massive day one patch.

Look, no one likes delays. But also, no one likes a broken or incomplete game that’s pushed to market too fast. We’ll just have to patiently wait, and maybe think of Cyberpunk 2077 as an early Christmas present instead of a console launch week game.

Tim Bledsoe

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