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Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been in the news for quite some time now, but I’ve never really looked to much at it and I don’t remember any of my fellow BSB editors have covered it in the slightest since it was first announce. Well I guess I should explain why?

My main reason for not covering this title before was because I don’t own any of the current gen consoles that it was previously announced to be releasing for, and had no intentions to buy it for my previous gen PS3. The other reason was because the last few Dragon ball games have been lack luster and it just seemed that the devs were making games for themselves and not the fans. Some of the features in the last few games were great while others slowly grew to be annoying because of their over use/ repetition. This New Dragon ball game looks to be an online affair from the look of it, almost MMOisc (not my cup of tea), but then again as I said before I’ve not been following the title until this morning, “so take my comments on it with a grain of salt”.

From my early morning half asleep research I can soundly say it seems to be single player with multiplayer built strongly into the formula. The character creation looks great, OH …. see how i’m a total scatter brain. I forgot to mention the reason i’m suddenly interested in this game. Well if you read the title of this article you guessed it. The latest trailer for the game featured the steam logo, so that confirms it for a PC release. Since the port of Naruto Games to Steam and now Dragon ball, I think we can expect more and more Japanese Anime based games to make appearances on PC as well.

So what Anime based games would you like to see ported to PC? Of course you know i’m gonna choose all the One Piece titles… 😉

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  1. This is another of those games that just makes me shrug and wonder wtf the developers are smoking when they bring crap like that to the PC, but leave amazing games like Dragon’s Dogma, Catherine and others console only (looking at you Ni no Kuni!!)

    1. lol games like this is what i’d call testing the water. they are simple games that will sell no matter what where as Catherine or Ni no Kuni may not do as well… you know how a lot of gamers are not in to the long types of games that are heavily story driven. Dragons Dogma on the other hand I 100% agree with you. it should already be on the damn PC.