Persona Q: Chie, Yosuke English Gameplay

Persona Q


It’s about a month off (EU 28, US 25 NOV) until the release of the next addition to the cult popular JRPG Persona series. This will be the first of the franchise to be put on a Nintendo device (3DS).  As the release date draws near developer Atlus has been putting out more trailers and information about the game. Dubbed Persona Q the game will feature characters from the series two most popular games Persona 3 and Persona 4.

Check out the amazing trailers Featuring the amazing voice acting from the P4 series:

As you may know we at BSB are huge fans of the Persona games, so you can guess that we’re super hyped to play this one. Have you played A Persona game before? What is your favorite? Are you getting Q?


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