Windows 10 enterprise edition Preview

Windows 10 preview

lacks that organization I crave 🙁

Microsoft recently displayed an early build of Windows 10 (yes they skipped 9). Windows 10 so far feels like a mixture of both windows 8 and 7. There is not enough in the OS yet to set apart for the other to, but even after final build I doubt that it will be that much different. I got the chance to mess around with it earlier this past week and as far as I can tell from using it Microsoft is going for familiarity this time around with this new OS as a way to appeal to users of both 7 & 8. More so the the former as the users that are still using it are a bit stubborn and reluctant to change their OS (if it ain’t broken why fix it, right?). 10 is said to be a free upgrade for Windows 8.1 users, so I would expect that most users of 8  will be taking the plunge on release day.

LAcks that organization I crave :(
lacks that organization I crave 🙁

Win 10 has a weird mixture of the Start Screen/Menu, so as to appeal to a wider user base. This is a bit of a hit and miss for me though. As a user of 8.1 I actually love my start screen and check it regularly for mail, sports updates and more, because of the amount of stuff I use it for and my sort of OCD personality. Mine has become rather organised with sections/groups of tiles that are labeled. On the Current build of 10 I am able to add tiles to the menu similar to the way I have them on 8.1, but it lacks the ability for me to organise my tiles into groups. I hope that this is a feature that will be added back as the development process continues. If they are able too I’d even be much more happy if they add both start menu and start screen and make them optional for the end user.

Windows 8.1 Start screen organization structure
Windows 8.1 Start screen organization structure

It’s still too early of a build does not say much about the OS yet, which is to be expected. There are a lot of current systems still in place, and less new ones. Some of the new ones shine brightly among the rest (screen windows organization), while some others are just lame things that are unfinished (multiple desktops). Microsoft as been working on the OS and with the help of us the end users I hope that the final product will be something that we all want and will use.

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  1. TBH i’m looking forward to 10, especially since it’s a free upgrade. I personally despise 8.1 and regret ever upgrading to it. Sure it boots a bit faster, but certain features, essential features, aren’t accessible anymore. Really hope they’re back in in 10. Also glad to see the return of the start button