30-Day Anime Challenge! (Day 4): Favorite Female Anime Character

Day 4:  Favorite Female Anime Character

























Homura Akemifrom Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

I know, I know, not a lot of you expected this.  However, as with L, I have my reasons for choosing Homura as my favorite female character.

Disclaimer:  There will be spoilers in my explanation.  If you haven’t seen Madoka Magica yet, first of all HOW DARE YOU?  IT IS A HUGE DISSERVICE TO NOT WATCH IT IF YOU’RE AN ANIME FAN!  GET OUT OF HERE AND WATCH IT NOOOOOOW!  And second of all, if you haven’t seen the show but still interested in my opinion, then travel with caution.  You have been warned.

Initially introduced as a cold, heartless bitch (excuse me for my derogatory term), Homura developed over the course of the series into a likeable and noble character who we can be sympathetic for.  She first came out as this badass ice queen who wanted nothing more than to see Kyuubi’s head on top of a pike in some random island as an offering to some random beast made by British castaway children in the middle of the second world war.  She then proceeded to try to persuade Madoka and her friends to turn their heads from the prospect of being a magical girl, and one wonders why the hell would she do that, while being a complete boss at killing witches.

Little did we know her actual backstory, which did wonders with her character.  Witnessing the demise of her only friends, Homura decides to adopt a magical-girl role with the hopes of changing the past.  Of course, time proves to be her master, as she witnesses, over and over and over again, the death of her friends.  However, she persisted that time can be re-written, because apparently she hasn’t watched enough Doctor Who to know that not everything can be changed.  In the end, although she doesn’t exactly succeed at rescuing her friends, she certainly has saved not only the lives of magical girls everywhere, but pretty much the entire world through her actions.

Well…..that’s exactly the reason why I favor Homura amongst all the anime girls out there, in terms of character.  She initially was a ditzy, shy, and weak figure of vulnerability.  However, due to her experiences with her friends and her determination to save them, she develops into an independent, no-nonsense bada$$ who will do whatever it takes to change her fate and the fate of those she cares for.  She has experienced traumatizing occurrences again and again, but does not crumble into defeat.  She was willing to travel back in time over and over again if it meant saving the people she loves, and ultimately makes a huge sacrifice in the end for the sake of humanity.

All while being a brilliant fighter who uses time control, bombs, guns, and various artillery, to battle witches like a mofo.

PLUS  she’s hella cute.

Welp, who’s YOUR favorite female anime character?  Lemme know in the comments down belooow.

This coulda been a longer article, but I’ve been informed that my answers should probably be short and sweet sometimes (just like Homura).

See you guys in Day 5!