How EA broke FIFA Ultimate Team

Not having my PC is proving to be quite a task. I’m a bit limited with how I can work and I’m unable to play any of my PC games, which includes FIFA 15. However I’m not sure if I’m gonna be missing that one as much anymore because of the new updates that EA have added to everyone’s favorite FIFA mode; Ultimate Team. For those don’t play FIFA or maybe have never tried this mode then I’ll try my best to explain it briefly.


FIFA Ultimate Team is a mode that allows players to collect their favorite players through a fantasy league styled card based system and use them to make their own custom teams to play against the AI or other players. Football players can either be acquired via pack opening which requires you to spend a set amount in game credit or real money to get random players, or by buying the players you want in the game’s auction house (marketplace). This system has worked pretty well since Ultimate team was first added to the game, and It has been updated with each iteration of the game, but no update has ever angered fans of the popular franchise as much as the one that they added in the last update.

What was added?

EA in their all mighty crap wisdom have somehow decided that the marketplace was not already crap with and that they needed to control how much we could sell our players for. They have added a range at which each individual player should be sold for and this is not a suggested range, oh no this is the law. So for those of you that have been buying and selling players in order to turn a profit to get that next epic player you need to finish your team forget about it. This system has now made the marketplace absolute. In fact so much so that I’m not sure if I’m gonna be playing FUT when I get my rig up and running again.

If would like to read what EA has written about this new price range system then you can read it in the it: HERE

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