PS Vita 3.50 update

PSV update 3.50

Is it just me or do Sony and Nintendo tend to update their handheld device’s firmware at the same time? I just updated my 3DS about a few hours earlier and now my Vita wants to do the same thing.

So what did Sony add?

If you read my post on the 3DS update then you know that that update was not really important, heck you could argue that it’s a completely useless update and I’d agree, however the update for the PlayStation Vita is anything but useless. This was a bit strange however in contrast to 3DS’s because Sony wrote relatively little about their update unlike Nintendo, so I assumed that 3.50 would just be some fundamental stability update that we wouldn’t have even notice. My assumptions however turned out to be false. After downloading the update I didn’t notice much, but then I  went into the settings menu, and was greeted with a new logo for PlayStation network. After clicking on the logo I didn’t notice any real changes, but then I checked out the other menus and boy did I find some good stuff. The first thing I noticed was that the accessibility icon had also been changed and proceeded to check that menu as well. After it loaded I found some nice new goodies, like inverted colors, larger text, close caption and High Contrast options. What these meant was that I could now mess with the visual quality on my Vita even more, and that I liked, especially the contrast options. There was also an option for custom buttons so that if you’re playing a game and don’t like the button configuration then you can simply change it.

What Sony has done with this update is that they’ve made owning and using a Vita more user friendly. Now all they need to do is change the theme layout to that of the PS4 and start advertising the system more. It also could help to add some more original first party content to the handheld.

if you’d like to hear more of my thoughts on this topic, then I suggest you listen to the Buttonsmashers podcast.

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