FIFA 16 Announcement: Finally ladies in FIFA

FIFA 16 teaser

In the face of all the controversy surrounding the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, EA has released information about their new upcoming Football game (or soccer to our American family). Whether or not this particular announcement was planned by both FIFA and EA is not apparent, but it does give the Association a good glimmer in the eyes of gamers/ football fans, one that it so desperately needs due to the current recent charges brought up against many of it’s top executives.

Any who we’re not here to talk about FIFA the Association, we’re here to talk about the game.

FIFA 16 will be the first official football game to feature official female national teams for 12 nations which include; France, China, England, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Canada, and the United States of America. The Female Players/ teams will be accessible via Kick off, offline tournaments and online Friendlies modes.

EA Canada have gotten 4 top players from the US women’s team to do the motion capture for the game. This helped to build new locomotion for women in FIFA 16 including new walks, runs, sprints, and horizontal movement. EA have also seemed (I say seemed because I’ve not watched enough women’s football to know enough about the players looks, movements and styles to say otherwise) to get the likeness of all the players from the 12 teams pretty accurate.

All the visual stuff aside though, I know all the hardcore FIFA gamers are wondering one thing, I know because I was wonder the same too. What about FUT? There is no word yet confirming or denying women in ultimate team, but it would be a shame to not include the female players in the most popular mode the franchise has to offer.

*We have reached out to EA about the inclusion/exclusion of the female players in FUT, and are waiting on a reply.

Just think about it. FIFA 16 launches, I get my copy, Start building my regular French team and instead of Cabella as my CAM I could have Louisa Necib. :3

It is however unlikely that the women will be joining the blokes in FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) this year, because on the official page for the game it is stated that the female teams will only be playable against other female teams. Which to me seems like a missed opportunity. It’s like they’re adding the ladies as a gimmick mode, kinda like adding move support to an FPS, Yes there will be some that will use the option, but many will just try it out a few times and then shy away from it in the long run. Even if one found a favourite female team, If they couldn’t play against Friends and Family with the other player being allowed to choose whatever team they wanted, female or male, then there would be very little incentive to use the female teams, which sucks.

EA have set a countdown to E3 on the FIFA 16 profile on their page, which represents the date and time that they will show the first gameplay of the game. As such I will save my comments about whether or not 16 looks better than 15 till then. The game is scheduled to be launched in NA on September 22 2015 for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 36O.


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