God Eater picked up by Ufotable!

Hmmm, so you’re interested in what I have to say about Ufotable? Or God Eater? Or just checking out an article that seemed interesting like a newspaper? Maybe you’ve play the PSP game? Well personally I haven’t, but I just might consider it.

Ufotable is a highly acclaimed anime studio for producing the incredibly beautiful fate/zero and fate/stay night. Why I am excited for this, you ask? It’s because Ufotable is a wonderful company, but I have only heard about the fate series and nothing about previous works. It needs more results to prove that they can stand up to the commpetition, such as A-1 Pictures or Kyoto Animation and this is one big step in the right direction.

God Eater takes place in 2071, where the world is now a wasteland from the destruction cause by mysterious monsters known as the Aragami and who could ever save us from this mass terror? Introducing our Saviour, the God Eaters, Aragami specialists who use God Arcs, weapons forged by the very cells of the Aragami. Sound familiar? Tokyo Ghoul, a recently aired anime that also had humans fighting with cells from their enemy.

And to summarize that whole paragraph above it’s about BIG GUN-SWORD WEAPONS fighting BIG MONSTERS THAT CAUSED MASS DESTRUCTION!!!

Since Ufotable already made a “teaser” about 5 years ago, we already kinda knew it was gonna happen someday, but I’m really glad that Ufotable picked God Eater up. I feel that Ufotable’s animation style and 3D animations would really fit God Eater and I hope it will turn out just as good as fate/stay night.

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