Introduction to Moi

Who am I?



Will I be someone special?



Will I leave my mark on this planet called Earth?





Well my name is Allen Chung and I have lived in Toronto, Ontario for the entire 17 years of my life. Some of my hobbies are breakdancing, Gaming, and anime. Some of my skillz are riding a bike with no hands (is that really a skill LOL), rollerblading, solving a rubik’s cube (fastest time was 38 seconds), play the piano, and Adobe products (the one thing I actually learned from high school). I absolutely HATE being left out (especially when my friends talk about League of Legends, a piece of my brittle heart breaks). I listen to animuuu songs, western songs once in a while, and Rick Roll (Best song evar). My favourite fruit are peaches/nectarines (I like to tell people my favourite fruit for some reason). I just finish high school and will be attending the Brown of George College for Art and Design Foundation (I wanted to go into the graphic design program, but they said my drawing skillz sucked). I was also an introvert until the start of grade 12, then I transformed into a extrovert. I actually love talking to people and getting to know them, but never really had great socializing skills till I learned.

Yeah. That’s me, but now I gotta get to the bigger things in my life: Anime and Gaming


Gaming. I’ve been gaming ever since I had a conscious. During my childhood I had four consoles: the PS1, the SNES, the Nintendo GameCube, and a Gameboy Advance SP. The games I played on my PlayStation 1 were: Megaman 8, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, the Spyro series, and tetris. On the SNES: Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Star, Dr. Mario, Street Fighter II, and Mega Man X. On the GameCube: Naruto Clash of Ninja 2, Mario Party 7, Super Monkey Ball Adventure, and Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door. On the Gameboy: A golfing game that I don’t remember the name of, Bionicles, and Pokemon Sapphire. All of these games give me nostalgia, especially Street Fighter II because it was one of the times where I felt like I really bonded with him. We would both spam hadoukens until one of us died and that was fun. He would usually win because he could input hadoukens more consistently, but that just pushed me harder to beat him and is probably the reason why I am such a competitive person today.

Man, that was just my childhood and I now have to write about more current games.

My middle school days are called my Yu-Gi-Oh days, which lasted until the end of grade 10 when my parents threw away my cards (i cri evrytim). Back in the days, Yu-Gi-Oh was HUGE with my friends and I enjoyed it a little too much.  Those four years of playing, are four years I will definitely cherish down the road. I also got a PlayStation 4 in middle school. I’ve played Dark Kingdom, Little Big Planet, Guitar Hero World Tour, Street Fighter 4, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Sonic Unleashed, Ninja Gaiden, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Guitar Hero was one of those games where I felt that I bonded more with my friends. They`d come over after-school and we`d play for three hours, jamming our favourite songs like What I`ve Done or Beat it. Then Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came along, which my brother and I played super competitively. We could almost do combos that professionals were doing. Those we`re good times as well, but shortly after the motherboard in our PS3 fried and was the end of us playing that console.

The PC era for me was not on steam like everyone else, it was just me finding interesting games through people cause I’m a broke man. Shout outs to Larry, the cable internet guy in my friend group for showing me some awesome pc games I love and still play today. One of the games he showed me was the Binding of Isaac, which I love since it’s a very skill-intestive game and is inspired by the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda. I also had a time where I played minecraft, but I only enjoyed exploring caves and biomes, but has been replaced by a new game call Subnautica. Then Hearthstone, FTL, and Risk of Rain came. Nothing seemed special in my eyes. Maybe PC is not my kind of gaming console. Then I saw the light.




Finally. A game that I would play with a burning passion.




One that I would to support to the end of the world.




One with a fairly large fandom.



It is…


























I’m not a fan of online games, they’re … troublesome (for my computer). It’s actually…















Now if you were expecting a large paragraph about why I love this game, you’ll be disappointed. Melee to me is so important to me, that it would require an article on its own, so expect it in the near or far future. [The foreshadowing game is stronk]




Now where was I?




I finally finished the games section, now I’m on anime. Right.




My first exposure to anime was on an awesome channel called YTV.


Back when I just got a conscious, I remember Dragon Ball Z and Inuyasha airing. Grade 4 came along and I was hooked on Bleach and Naruto. Then Grade 10 came and I met the legendary Andy Tan, who suggested me lots of anime and that was where I took off as an Otaku (he also played Yu-Gi-Oh). Early on, I watched great shows, but I couldn’t really comprehend how great they were due to my lack of anime experience. Sword Art Online, one of the first shows recommended to me, is a great example of a show being bad and good at the same time, though my lack of experience blinded me from the flaws the show had. Amnesia is also a horrible show that I thought was decent in my early Otaku life. Clannad, Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, Ano Hana, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica are some some I thought were “alright”. About two years later, my ice cube of a heart has melted and I started sheding manly tears for shows like Toradora, Free!, Kuroko, Sword Art Online 2, Ano Natsu, and One Piece. I’m actually incredibly open to things and able to ignore lots of flaws in shows. I don’t hate on entertainment, and if I didn’t enjoy the show, then it’s just not my kind of entertainment.


Yeah, that was a little bit about me, thanks for reading about a total stranger that may not be a stranger in the near future. [More foreshadowing]

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