Luffy Puts Weight To Pirate King Claim

Throughout the One Piece series Luffy has made the claim that he’ll be the next pirate king and after chapter 1000 we can’t deny him. During the now leaked chapter due to be released officially on Sunday the 3rd January 2021 he showed zero respect for both Big Mom and Kaido. Both Yankos are also vying for the same title as the Straw Hat captain, but drifts past both without consideration for their massive stature to reach his fallen comrade.

Kaido of course couldn’t let such impertinence slide so he makes a move only to be given a rude awakening. This is not the same Luffy who lost to him at the beginning of Wano. He’s been doing nothing training, honing his skills since then. To be Pirate King he can’t let a simple Yanko stand in his way and that’s exactly what he declares after sacking Kaido.

Now of course there is going to be some response from Kaido in One Piece chapter 1001 but I doubt it’ll change much of the flow created by the future pirate king and his companions.

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