SpeedRunners to join the Esports Scene

SpeedRunners to join the Esports Scene


As SpeedRunners sells $3.25 million in units TinyBuild has their title officially joining the ESL Gaming eSport. TinyBuild has been pushing SpeedRunner as a contender for eSports since its launch, either by running events which happen weekly across the globe or working with companies like Twitch, SteelSeries, and Alienware to give live coverage of the prize tournaments.

SpeedRunners To Join ESL as Official eSport

TinyBuild is set to join the ranks of Counter-Strike and League of Legends in ESL’s rotations. Now if you don’t recognize ESL they are the worlds oldest and largest eSports league in the world.

TinyBuild is inviting ALL SpeedRunners players to compete in the official ESL cups and tournament for prizes. The first official tournament will be held this Saturday in a 1on1 Summer Series to be held in Europe with the first series in North America the following Saturday. For More details on this weeks competition and upcoming ones check out ESLGaming.com

The prizes currently being offered are a custom ESL trail for the winning player to use in regular online play after the event to show off to all other players, trophies (which are always amazing), and packs of TinyBuild games.

SpeedRunners Live Competition At Gamescom 2015

Between all this crazy ESL news and events Gamescom will be holding an official SpeedRunners tournament which will be live-streamed from Gamescom on the Twitch stage.

Alex Nichiporchik

When asked about SpeedRunners joing the ESL TinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik had this to say, “SpeedRunners as an eSport just makes sense, and the velocity at which our community has rallied behind this important next step for the game has been incredible, Our Pro players can’t wait to get involved.”


If you want a chance at preparing or even getting your feet into this indie sensation that has blown up, 1 Lucky Read will get a chance because below is a FREE STEAM code for SpeedRunners. So please copy this code and try to use it! Comment below if you got it so everyone knows it’s claimed.

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