Monster Strike – The anime adaptation of a popular iPhone game

Who would have ever thought that an iPhone app would become an anime? Well actually I’m kinda not surprised especially since I myself am a retired Yu-gi-oh dueler. Monster Strike fits with those kind of anime like beyblade, vanguard, Pokémon; the game/toy adaptation section? I dunno, I’m just spittin’ things, but I do know that most of them… don’t turn out so well unless YTV is sponsoring them. I’m not necessarily interested and will not watch it unless the show turns out to a masterpiece, but if you take interest in these sorts of things, then by all means. I have to give it credit for being pretty though.


I’d also like to mention that I think Monster Strike app sucks because I play Puzzles & Dragons, a similar game in the way of having minions/monsters/Pokémon/Digimon or whatever you want to call them, clear dungeons and leveling them up, but with better game mechanics. In monster strike, most decisions you have to make are simple such as how far do I need to drag to get this much amount of damage in or I need this angle to hit all three of the enemies, at  least, that’s what I think happens. I haven’t played the game, I’ve just seen gameplay. In Puzzles & Dragons you have to take in consideration your minions’ ability, which way you have to move your orbs to get the most damage, recognize of the orb layout so you know how to make a match 3 or match 5.


It makes me feel intelligent.