“RoonSehv” — Walkthrough of an Awesome Myst Side-Story!!

By now, some of you may have heard me talk about RoonSehv. If not, well, that’s your loss! But anyway…

RoonSehv is a fan-made side-story in the Myst universe that recently (June 2015) saw its public release via Indie DB. The game had been in development for quite some time, but overall the amount of work that went into it really shows. Heck, it was even given a nod from Cyan Worlds (who own the copyright to the main Myst franchise) to consider itself a side-story in the real universe. How cool is that?

The game does a great job replicating the feel of the original games, but with a more modern engine behind it. Myst V: End of Ages was the final chronological entry into the series that wasn’t a remake, and that was released way back in 2005. Granted, there was a recent remake of RealMyst not long ago, but that’s a remake rather than an original title. The graphics in RoonSehv are pretty and very well done. The music, however, might be the feather in the game’s cap as the soundtrack, all original tunes, is very well-composed and fits excellently with the style of the game.

The experience is slightly marred by a rather unoptimized engine and a lack of graphical tweaks or even resolutions, but those can be forgiven since despite all of that, the game remains quite playable and fun.

Here, I present to you the first of four video walkthrough episodes that showcase the game and explain how the solution to each of the game’s puzzles is arrived at. I do hope you enjoy this!

Stay tuned – there’s more awesome RoonSehv coming your way before long!

Jessica Brown

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