“Oceanhorn” — The Coral Saber & Grand Core!!

Initially, I had two separate videos done – one of the quest to Riptide Reef in order to locate the Coral Saber and another of our journey through the Grand Core on Sky Island. However, because this series has been going on for a while and I’ve already recorded the final segments, I decided to combine them into one longer video for you guys to enjoy. So, you’ll notice that there’s an “ending” for one video halfway through and a resuming with another video. That’s just how I decided to handle this one!

Anyway, when I first played a good majority of this game, I was unsure of when to visit Riptide Reef in order to look for the Coral Saber, however, I found out that the best time is after you obtain the Trencher Boots. You could technically leave the Frozen Palace before defeating King Angler to look for the sword because it would make your attacks twice as powerful, but honestly this is unnecessary since Angler isn’t that hard. Anyway, Riptide Reef is kind of like a little puzzle, and you do need the Trencher Boots in order to get through it. Yet, at the end, you do obtain the legendary sword that was strong enough to defeat Sealork, and this is important because you must have it when you face Oceanhorn.

After obtaining it, we fly up to Sky Island, where some Arcadians have been living separately from the rest of the world for 1,000 years. It’s here that the Emblem of Sun is said to be hidden within the Grand Core, so that’s obviously our next destination. Along the way, we learn a bit about the hero’s mother and her origins and we find some more lore about these so-called “living fortresses” and their reasons for existing. The Grand Core itself is fairly challenging, and the boss is Shadow Mesmeroth – a boss that resembles a combination between Agahnim from Zelda: A Link to the Past and Ganondorf in his fighting style.

Once defeated, Sky Island returns to the surface of the world, and we are getting ready for the final phases of the game.

Next up: the grand finale. It’ll be a longer video, too, because we will visit Home Island, Graveyard Island, go on a quest to find the final two heart pieces, and then take on Oceanhorn himself!

Jessica Brown

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