Owarimonogatari – The end!!!


We have all been waiting for this. This hole in our hearts that need to be filled; with the conclusion of the Monogatari series.


Bakemonogatari, the first of the series, aired in the summer of 2009. 2009!!! It’s 2015! It’s been six years! Now the series is still not finished as we are missing Kizumonogatari, the first event that has absolutely ever happened, but at least we have ending of the series. If you have read my cinematography analysis of Platinum Disco, you would know that I dislike anything that happens after Nisemonogatari because they feel like spinoffs. Or they ARE spinoffs, but hey, to say that I did finish the series, it just might be worth the watch.



I’mma iterate again that if have not seen or heard of Bakemonogatari , I highly recommend the watch and as long as you are fine still through mountains of dialogue and can stand through the occasional fan service scene, you will enjoy the show thoroughly. I can’t really say much about Owarimonogatari other than it‘s still as beautiful as SHAFT could make it and the song played near the end of the trailer sounds interesting.