VIZ Media ends the Naruto series with a bang


Naruto, the manga we all know and love is coming to a close, but not without the cherry on top. A new free Naruto app will be available for iOS and Google Play Stores. With the app, you can view a new NARUTO chapter every day that will be available FOR FREE for 7 days. You can also purchase and enjoy NARUTO digital manga volumes through the app, which syncs to the platform.

Readers that purchase any digital volume or bundle of NARUTO manga during the month of October from either the NARUTO App or VIZManga platform will be given a digital retrospective gift containing the series’ pilot chapter, editorial commentary, pivotal chapter reviews and a fan art gallery. Check additional VIZ Media partner sites for availability.

During October, VIZ Media further marks the conclusion of NARUTO with a selection of special manga bundles available as of October 6th, for a limited time until the end of the month. The final installment of the series, Vol. 72, debuts digitally on October 6th. Fans are also invited to browse several NARUTO manga bundles that chronologically presents the entire groundbreaking series.


Available NARUTO Digital Manga Bundles:

  • Vols.1-16 $56.00
  • Vols.17-27 $38.50
  • Vols.28-44 $59.50
  • Vols.45-61 $59.50
  • Vols.62-72 $38.50
  • Full series: $229.99 includes 2 gift with purchase volumes


The complete NARUTO manga series bundle containing all 72 volumes also features 2 additional one-shot manga titles by Masashi Kishimoto – MARIO and BENCH – that are not available anywhere else. NARUTO digital manga bundles are available exclusively from and through the ComiXology platform.


VIZ Media also offers special digital pricing on select individual NARUTO manga volumes featured on the VIZManga platform from tomorrow, October 6th, until October 31st.


  • Vols.1-5 $1.99 each
  • Vols.6-71 $4.99 each


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