A Taste of…”Double Dragon Neon” (PC)!

Double Dragon Neon first made its appearance on consoles back in 2012, but it wasn’t until February 2014 when the game finally came to the PC via Steam.

But, what is Double Dragon Neon? Basically, it’s a modern remake of the 1987 classic beat ’em up (c’mon, you have to have heard of this game…Seriously!) with an excellent graphical style, a great ’80s-inspired soundtrack, and fun, complex gameplay. It’s really more of a reimagining in some ways, though, because even though quite a bit of it seems to be based on or drawn from the first game (the first “mission” is dead-on a remake of that first level in the classic arcade game), this one adds a lot to the series while also not being afraid to make fun of itself along the way. The dialogue is witty and entertaining, the story is over-the-top and yet fun at the same time, and the gameplay is simple, but also nuanced and complex. I love the fact that you get “mix tapes” from enemies as drops that unlock or upgrade existing special moves that you have, and you can further customize your powers by visiting shops in the game (or even a crazy Norse NPC called the “Tape Smith” who can “forge” better soundtracks for you).

This game is a love-letter to the 1980s era games of this style, but it adds a lot of modern flair to it all. I think WayForward did a fantastic job with this one, and it’s a game that I’d highly recommend!

I got this as part of a bundle, but currently the asking price on Steam is $9.99, which I find quite fair! 🙂

Jessica Brown

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