GreenMan Gaming Pre-Black Friday

On the first day of PRE black friday my true love gave to me! Ok seriously I’m not going to sing song write this sales article you know why we’re here!

Over at GMG aka today only you’ll find these amazing deals!

capture 1

If you want to see the below deals you’ll need the FREE GMG account for details on how to obtain this free account please reference my previous article called “How PC Gamers Should Prepare for Holiday Season” where I walk you through obtaining the VIP account! But just to get you excited here are the VIP deals for today from GMG note that “The Evil Within” is $11.99 for non VIP members and $8.50 for VIP members SO why not get a FREE account and save almost $4.00?

Well this is the day before Black Friday! So we will do out best to keep up with all PC game sales going on from here on out until the end of the Holiday season! Have a great one and you’ve been Plugged In! Game on!

Zach Auld

Explosive, outspoken Podcaster/ Streamer

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