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Hey all, Kiki here. This week I had the absolute pleasure of playing two of Telltale’s masterpieces known as the Walking Dead Season One and Two. Being a big fan of the television show, I was anxious to see what the games would be like.


One thing that Telltale games are famous for, are their immersive stories, and the Walking Dead series is no exception. The story is captivating from the very moment it begins. Your protagonist is Lee Everett, who is on his way to prison for murdering a man. It is then the zombie apocalypse strikes which sends the story off. Lee eventually finds Clementine, an eight-year old girl who was living in her tree house. It is then Lee takes care of Clementine and vows to protect her. Through the journey, they meet several other characters and form several unlikely bonds.

It is up to your own choices and decisions that determines the overall outcome of the NPCs and the direction of the story. These decisions do not alter the overall arc of the story, but do determine how your team members react and trust you. And in the end, the decisions you make as Lee, can affect choices Clementine makes in Season 2.

The story is filled to the brim, in both seasons, with heart aching decisions; Often times determining how or if a person dies. In the beginning these decisions come fairly easy to decide, but as you grow more attached to your NPCs, the decisions become harder and harder.



What Telltale game is famous for is their simplistic gameplay across their games. They focus heavily on story involvement and interaction rather than complicated game mechanics. You easily move your character around the screen when allowed, and during conversations, you choose what you want to say by selecting the appropriate button.

Be wary, they are timed.


Conclusion: Gameplay is simple but done on purpose. Telltale wants you to take on the story, not necessarily the videogame.

Overall Verdict:

When I play a videogame, or partake in any kind of work of fiction (novels, screenplays, films, etc) I expect a strong story, with dynamic characters and an overarching theme. The Walking Dead delivers just that. Without even realizing it, you grow emotionally attached to the characters you meet, and will more than often find yourself emotionally distraught when they perish or meet their end (I mean, let’s face it. It is the zombie apocalypse… everyone dies at some point).

If you need a game just to escape to, I highly recommend these two games. Easy to push through, and absolutely enjoyable. Don’t worry current-fans. Season Three is well on its way. Predicted release is 2016.



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