Falling with Style in The Deadly Tower of Monsters

The Deadly Tower of Monsters (2)

An all new action adventure game is releasing on the PC and PS4. The Deadly Tower of Monsters is packed with epic freefalling adventures, as you climb up buildings, and dive down to the bottom in your quest to hunt the “most hideous abominations” that spawn throughout the game.

“Using all your cunning instincts of self-preservation, you can deftly freefall from one level to another, taking care to clear the landing zone with your trusty weapon.”

DTOM (81)

Players will have to pay close attention to enemies surrounding them, along with timing their jumps and landings accurately to continue through the game. Come January 19th, 2016, players in the Americas and Europe will have access to this excitement. The set price is $14.99 and is rated T.


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