Namco Bandai Drops another Tales of Beruseria Trailer

Tales of Beruseria 2nd trailer

We covered the announcement of the next title in the popular Tales of series; Tales of Beruseria, and now not more than a month later we have more information on the game and a new Trailer from Namco Bandai.

The Game is still unconfirmed for western release or PC, but we do have confirmation of that the Japanese release will be sometime in 2016. Namco Bandai also revealed another character; Lyfesette, who is a young boy that supports main character Velvet on her quest. We also get to see some actual gameplay and it looks amazing. Just so buttery smooth. The game looks to be running at 60 fps while using the oh so familiar battle system that we fans of this series have grown accustomed to.

Tales of Beruseria is currently confirmed for both PS3 and PS4 release. 

Here’s the Trailer:


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