Anime Review | Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

Let me sum up this anime season with three words:











Don’t you find it disappointing that the focus of an entire season was on one show? Well to cleanse all that action-packed goodness, I bring you a more thought-provoking kind of goodness: Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider.



The Tale

The Story revolves around Sohei Saikawa and Moe Nishinosono, who decide to take a vacation from their research lab. They visit Himaka Island to visit Shiki Magata, a genius who was secluded into a room on a lone island after killing her parents at the age of fourteen. During the visit they find out that she was murdered and they attempt to find out who killed her, even though nobody has ever entered her room for the last fifteen years. While the plot is a little generic, it’s writing is the star of the show. Even looking at the first episode alone, was filled clever and witty dialog which fits the characters well. Unlike Bakemonogatari which slapped loads of great dialog into an ecchi-harem show.



The Cast

Saikawa, Nishino, and Magata are the interesting ones out of the bunch. They’re always on another level above everyone else and really spice up The perfect Insider. You can really see the difference in intelligence between them too. Nishino known for being extremely good at calculating, but jumps to conclusions in many situations. Saikawa really doesn’t care about much other Magata. He idolizes Magata and aims be able to think like her. Magata feels like a god, planning every out almost like Lelouch from Code Geass or Light Yagami from death note, but without the fails that two have had. These three characters are the reason why this show is not another seasonal that should be skipped.

saikawamoe shiki


The Aesthetics

The designs a pretty good, but it’s pretty standard when you compare them to other A-1 shows. The times it does stand out though, is in the scenes which aren’t reality such as being in an the isolation tank. An isolation tank is a machine that let you see your dreams while your body floats in water, at least in this anime. The style of the opening and ending are also gorgeous to watch, another checkmark for why I started watching this show.



The Tunes

The ost was subtle. Maybe a bit too subtle. Like subtle that I didn’t even notice it LOL. There were a few times when the ost was prominent and it does give off a mysterious feel. The opening and ending are amazing though (just had to meniton them again LOL). The opening is called Talking by Kana-boon, which has an upbeat and groove feel, especially those guitars.

Be warned: This song WILL make you dance.


The ending is called Nana Hitsuji by Scenarioart and has a techno and 8-bit feel, which I dig also.

They definitely stand out from other openings and endings I have seen, especially since they visually pleasing as well.



Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider is truly a gem with only one glaring flaw: it’s pacing. The anime covers two days in nine episodes, which makes the show feel slower than it needs to be. The novel actually contains five arcs, but the anime decided to focus on one arc. Even thought it’s not perfect, it was a fun watch that I thoroughly enjoyed. Hopefully this spurs interest to those reading.





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