The Art Of Zendikar Announcement


Are you a fan of Magic the Gathering? Well if you are then you should already know this, but if not let me tell you.

Magic The Gathering has been around for an outstanding 22 years, in those 22 years they have visited many vast and imaginitive worlds through there cards and stories. In the games newest release battle for Zendikar  ( we return to the fan favorite land of Zendikar. Zendikar is a land united of tribes of elves, vampires, and humans who battle monumental monsters called Eldrazi across the floating ruins and beautiful land.


So with that let me ask you this, do you go over board and collect all the merch for your favorite interests? Well then I’ve got the next hot item to add to that collection, releasing on on January 5th 2016 THE ART OF MAGIC: THE GATHERING—ZENDIKAR.


THE ART OF MAGIC: THE GATHERING—ZENDIKAR is a massive 240 page full color book, full of illustrations from Magic the Gatherings best artists, and in depth lore written by James Wyatt himself.

THE ART OF MAGIC: THE GATHERING—ZENDIKAR will be available in print from VIZ Media’s Perfect Square imprint and will carry an MSRP of $39.99 U.S. / $45.99 CAN.

Like many other collectible art books this massive masterpiece will be dawning a hardcover with incredible images from the award-winning are of Magic The Gathering. With each page you will explore the world of Zendikar. The world is torn by war and each life is demanded to fight for it’s survival. While wars wage and battles are fought the fragments of civilization have to confront the unnatural Eldrazi.

Come alongside the Gatewatch made of heroic Planeswalkers while they try to overcome the greatest threat to the Multiverse ever. The secrets of Zendikar—its peoples, continents, and creatures—are ready for fans to discover!

Magic players and fans of fantasy art will love the breathtaking art and detailed lore that celebrates the rich and imaginative geography and inhabitants of Zendikar,” says Beth Kawasaki, Senior Editorial Director. “The new release is also an ideal complement to the Battle for Zendikar game set and will give players greater insight and background about this strange and often deadly world.”


Zach Auld

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