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Only halfway through the season and it’s safe to say this sci-fi adventure anime is a rare breed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but prepare yourself for a world that we’re least likely to experience. The subject at hand? SCIENCE. Long gone are the days that your parents can say anime teaches you nothing. Oh, it’s educational alright and Dr. Stone is a prime example.

After 5 years of harbouring feelings, Taiju decides to confess to his classmate,Yuzuriha. Unfortunately, a green light flashes across the earth while he is mid sentence and ruins everything. All beings turn to stone or ‘petrified state’, though they still have their consciousness. The world stops and after 3,500 years, Senkuu along with Taiju breaks free and is forced to restart it from scratch. These two MALES become the Adam and Eve of the stone world. Wait a minute…that doesn’t sound right, but I can assure you that it’s absolutely not what you’re thinking.

Following the progression of technology through science, Senkuu is the mastermind behind all these developments. It becomes a battle between two people with different philosophies. The first guy is banking on successfully saving all of mankind with the ‘revival fluid’, that he created. Adversely, the other only plans on saving the youth, as the elder heads will continue to destroy the world with their selfish agendas. Admit it, this story-line is deeper than the pineapple on pizza argument.

What’s to love about this anime is that you may begin to lose hope, but rest assured that feeling is only temporary. It’s amazing when a series gives you that adrenaline rush and you’re screaming at the top of your lungs with excitement like a sports fan. I was so enthralled that I almost shed a tear for the mercy that was given by the anime gods. I know it’s second nature, but forgive yourself for expecting the worst.

I must say, the backstories are actually insightful and relevant, in contrast to those anime that spread them out like annoying fillers. If you’re not already a science geek, Dr. Stone makes up for all those times you weren’t paying attention in science class. The scientific theories may forge a sense of creativity that opens your mind and helps you think outside the box. I definitely feel a lot smarter after each episode even though most of the theories are simple.

In addition to paying homage to scientists and inventors who are responsible for the advanced age we live in, there are multiple video game references that gracefully sail through the dialogue. Next, we have random comical inserts that contribute to the enjoyment of learning this anime brings. Remember when I mentioned the crazy hair? I was talking about Senkuu. I guess it’s a scientist thing.


Overall, I must say that I’d recommend anyone to hop on this bandwagon due to its progressive story-line, likeable animation and suitable soundtracks. I certainly intend on finishing this series because I am hopeful of what’s to come. It’s a great way to pique your scientific interest or to refresh memory. Now, excuse me as I proceed to watch an old episode of Bill Nye: The Science Guy.

Dr. Stone anime episodes can be found on crunchyroll while the manga is available on VIZ Manga.

Nikauleene Andrews

One of those Fujoshi you read about in manga came to life.
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