Bandai Namco releases New Tales of Berseria Screenshots

Bandai Namco has released some new screenshots, and character art for their latest title in their much favoured, long running  Tales Of series, Tales of Berseria.  These screenshots are meant to introduce two new characters Rokurou and Eleanor.


Rokurou decides to join up with Velvet thinking that what he is searching for lies within her path. Rokurou gives calm and objective advice and acts as a mentor to the party.

Tales of Berseria

While Velvet reacts on emotion, Eleanor is guided by reason, and belongs to an organization that holds it in higher regard than all else. Eleanor struggles with these two opposite ways of thinking, believing what she is doing to be correct but also finding value in Velvet’s philosophy as the two interact throughout the story. A tradition within the TALES OF series is to have the main enemy have their own sense of justice so that the situations that arise in the various games are not strictly black and white. Eleanor embodies this continuing tradition.


When we first mentioned Tales of Berseria we spoke of the still unconfirmed possibility of it coming to PC, then we shared a trailer for the game, but these screenshots of the two newest characters give us hope that a US release of the game will be announced soon.

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