Sword Art Online Augments itself with Ordinal Scale

This weekend Aniplex USA began streaming the English version of the promotional video for their movie project, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. The much anticipated anime return of the Sword Art Online franchise is set to debut in both Japan and in English speaking regions in 2017.


The movie will introduce our beloved SAO characters to a new game titled “Ordinal Scale” which will be using a new interface device designed to make use of augmented reality called the “Augma”. Ordinal Scale is noted to be the next big game born after both “Sword Art Online” and “Gun Gale Online”. Further details on both this new game and interface device can be found on the official movie website.

The movie boasts a brand new original story line which will take place directly after the Mother’s Rosario Arc from SAO Season 2 which closed of the season. The crew for the film so far includes Tomohiko Ito, returning from both seasons of the anime to direct the film at A-1 Pictures, and light novelist Rei Kawahara who will be writing the new story for the film. Kawahara is also notable for his role as script writer and light novelist for the Accel World series.

The announcement also came with the reveal of Kirito and Asuna’s character designs for their Ordinal Scale outfits

Asuna Character Design
Ordinal Scale Asuna
Kirito Character Design
Ordinal Scale Kirito










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