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Yuru Yuri can be summed up pretty easily. It’s an anime about the comedic adventures of middle school lesbians and it is totally worth the watch.


The anime revolves around the adventures of Nanamori Middle School’s Amusement Club, a group made up of the four main characters, which has no clear purpose other than doing whatever they think might be fun. Childhood friends Akari Akaza, Kyoko Toshino and Yui Funami, along with new comer Chinatsu Yoshikawa bring forward a blend of personalities so unique and eccentric that its really hard not to be entertained by their antics. Throw in the members of the Student Council and no force on earth can stop the anime from dragging a laugh out of you.

Yuru Story

Yuru Yuri doesn’t really have a set story line. Beyond following the daily lives of the amusement club girls there isn’t much to look forward to in terms of that suspenseful draw that keeps you going. While very entertaining in its own way the lack of a goal or direction, both in regards to entire seasons and individual episodes, makes this a touch sell for binge watchers like myself. The fact of the matter is, by the time you finish one episode you don’t really feel the need to watch another and while saddening, that’s not really a bad thing is it? Each episode tells its own tale and leaves a smile on your face. Be it a sleepover at Yui’s house, their Comuket adventures or just another day spent in the Tea Society Amusement Club’s Clubhouse, your going to have fun no matter what episode you watch. Really what more can we ask for?

Oh, you like a little romance and borderline fan service with your comedic slice of life? Well not to worry, Yuru Yuri has got you covered.

Yuri Characters

The real selling point of Yuru Yuri is its amazing ensemble cast of characters. No two characters are alike and none are what they appear to be.

Yuruyuri2_20 Yuruyuri2_21

From Left to Right: Chinatsu, Yui, Kyoko, Akari, Sakurako, Himawari, Chitose, Ayano

Akari, who is introduced as the lead character is a sweet, innocent young girl who despite her supposed status as the lead is constantly cast aside and sometimes even forgotten. The series has actually adopted this as a running joke, emphasizing her lack of presence and even making the season two opener a gag by making her the center of attention for a little while. It doesn’t help that Akari is often times greatly over shadowed by Chinatsu, her super cute classmate and club member who has a bit of an attitude and a desperate desire to have Yui-senpai notice her.

Kyoko and Yui, Akari’s elder childhood friends of one year her senior, are like night and day. Kyoko has a loud, over the top and completely chaotic personality which in typical fashion usually puts her center stage, bringing about many a wacky situation for the girls to face. Yui by comparison is very calm and level headed. She usually ends up being the voice of reason and, despite their differences, is the only one who seems actually capable of dealing with Kyoko at her extremes.

As chaotic of a mix the amusement club girls are on their own, the show really shines brightest when it highlights their interactions with the various members of the Student Council which, most times, amount to the high strung vice-president Ayano Suigura who seems to have a thing for Kyoko and her best friend Chitose Ikeda who is a shipper after my own heart. In an anime laden with subtext and innuendos Chitose and her unique brand of fantasizing ignites comedic flame all its own that Yuru Yuri would quite honestly be lost without.



Final Verdict

I’m just going to say give it a chance. Yuru Yuri will never be one of those anime that you feel like marathoning and it will never give you the burning need to commit to it. That said, it’s definitely a fun, easy going slice of life anime that can definitely be used as a pick me up on those tough days when you just don’t feel like taking anything seriously.

Cute girls, silly antics and some over the top, laugh out loud moments you wish you could be a part of. What’s not to like?

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