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Is it just me or is all manhwa/ Webtoons lewd as Frak series after series with a bloke that has some ability or a condition that causes women to want to shag him? That’s Stand Up! in a nutshell.

Now don’t misunderstand I’m a fan. I just find it ironic.

This is a series that I stumbled upon while reading another manhwa with a similar concept, and “oh my god” is this lewd. ?

Our story begins with a bloke named Jae-Jin who has never been able to get an erection. This becomes an understood fact among his friends and coworkers, so much so that the women don’t even see him as a real man. As one of them put it. He’s middle friend, not a full guy because his tool doesn’t work, but also not a woman either. Because they view him in this way, the women in his life are usually defenseless around him and the guys make fun of him, but this all changes when he gets a lucky opportunity that changes his life, and allows him to have a gain erections… except it includes a very interesting catch, his boner won’t go away unless he has the help of a female. For some reason, which is beyond my understanding, he decides to keep it a secret from all his friends and coworkers except for one particular girl that he has a vested interest in named Mi-Ji. Mi-Ji agrees to assist him with his “problem”.

(I’m putting this in quotes because what bloke wouldn’t want this as a “problem”)

All seemed to be going well between the two, and a romance seemed to begin developing, but then we soon learn that his new found ability to perform comes with some side effects. That being if any female comes in contact with his love juices, they will be irrationally drawn towards him seeking coition. Keeping this in mind you can just imagine the interesting ways in which his juices end up coming in contact with other women around him, while driving a wedge between him and Mi-ji in the process. It’s all quite captivating

Lol… I can’t withhold my laughter while writing this one, it’s too good…

So how about we get into the meat of this story. The origin of Jae-jin’s new found manliness turns out to be a giant rock known as the “penis rock”, well that’s a bit inaccurate. His abilities are in fact thanks to the sprite that inhabits the rock… a spirit after my own heart. He’s a lecherous old man that shags all the other spirits fulfilling their desires with his never ending libido.

This manhwa can be summed up as a even mixture of romance, ecchi, and comedy content that complete each other nicely. While reading this story my emotions were all over the place, switching from me laughing hysterically one moment to gushing like a teenage girl another. It features some really compelling writing, simple, but effective. By using the well detailed illustration the mangaka was able to portray complex emotions, thoughts and settings. This is something that a lot of other manga/ manhwa struggle to achieve, resulting in completely cluster-fraked stories that requires the reader to have a PHD mangaoligy to decipher the information on the page.

Though I could spoil more about the story in this review, and oh boy do I have the urge to do so. I shall refrain from doing it, because the the appeal of this title is founded in discovering what’s on the next page, like if Mi-ji will walk in on Jae-jin and another girl, will they become a couple, or will Jae-jin be able to turn down good booty when it’s tossed his way….?

Speaking of booty…. Damn the girls in Stand Up! are all so damn thicc that you’ll probably bust an entire year’s load just from reading the first few chapters. It’s that lewd, it’s that good. The artwork in this manhwa is so stunning that it should come with a warning label. (Warning: no healthy male or females that like ladies should be reading this in any public places or risk an unplanned stiff). Probably the best part of manhwa is the full color illustrations that do so much for the imagination, and Stand Up! is one of the best ones. The attention to detail placed on each character is splendid. It’s so well polished that I’m almost ashamed to say that I felt the urge to lick my phone repeatedly while reading it.

I didn’t… don’t judge me… -_-

Just look at these images, and keep in mind that these are the tame ones:

See I know some of you just licked your phones or computer monitors… don’t deny it I know… I can tell.

Final Verdict

Stand Up! is 120% a manhwa for mature readers, hence the age limiter on the review. Though the Illustrator doesn’t show the characters lower genitals, the censorship doesn’t really hide anything either. In fact it does more to enhance the appeal of the manhwa. Stand Up! Is a lewd readers paradise of good stuff. It’s an arousing read fill with interesting characters and situations that will grip your interesting from page to page. I highly recommend it for adult fans of ecchi, lewd content.

Stand Up! is written and illustrated by a mangaka known as Warin. The series is currently being published by Lezhin Comics.

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