SpeedRunners Leaves Early Access Today!!

Speedrunners Release

The widely popular indie multiplayer title, SpeedRunners is finally leaving behind it’s early access status Today.

The Game has sold millions and critically-acclaimed for it’s multiplayer platform-runner gameplay from developer DoubleDutch Games and tinyBuild Games. The game originally landed on Steam Early Access exactly three years ago, and has undergone plenty of twists, turns and tweaks along the way thanks to input from the thriving community.

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So what’s different between the early access and the full release?

A brand new Mario Kart styled story mode is now available, teaching players the basics and deeper mechanics of the game through a single player campaign.

Meanwhile the Trails Shop allows players to create, buy and sell their own trails in-game, customising how their character looks to other players online, and making money if their trail is chosen for inclusion on the store.

“Following in the footsteps of games like Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program, SpeedRunners has benefitted immensely from releasing ‘early’ and reaping feedback from its community,” noted tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik. “SpeedRunners wouldn’t be where it is without 100,000s of players guiding development.”

We here at The Buttonsmashers have always been big fans of this particular title and have had it in circulation during our Game Nights with our Steam community. So on behalf of the entire team I’d like to congratulate the entire team behind the game and we look forward to many more wonderful hrs of playing with the Buttonsmashers Family community.

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