Welkin Road, the new Mirror’s Edge?

Blending free running with grappling-hook-powered aerobatics, Welkin Road is a new game developed by Gregor Panič and is available on April 13 in the Early Access section. Reach the goal by solving puzzles and mastering movement techniques. Watch the Teaser Trailer here.

screenshot_03  screenshot_21screenshot_181
Make use of the two grappling hooks to swing from point to point, creating momentum while using parkour-inspired movement to explore the world. You have full control over the grappling hooks, as well as the direction, speed and timing of your swings. Mix and match all of these elements into fast, fluid and elegant runs. There is also a speed run mode where you race against the clock or try to beat the times of other runners around the world, and compete for a spot on the leaderboards. Welkin road also features frequent checkpoints and manual resets mean you can get back into the action as fast as possible. This allows you to practice sections, master an entire level without having to constantly restart, and find the most efficient route and set the best time.

I would love to play this and Mirror’s Edge, but let’s just say my computer is “graphically challenged”.