“Kick Ass Commandos” Brings Zany SHMUP Fun!

Kick Ass Commandos is a surprisingly-fun fast-paced twin-stick shoot ’em up game (yeah, that’s a mouthful!) from Anarchy Enterprises that has been in Steam Early Access since November 2015. I recently received a code for it from Key Mailer and figured I’d finally give this one a shot. And, so far, I’m pretty impressed with it.

The gameplay video here shows around 30 minutes of play, and I’d estimate that in this current Early Access build there’s just over 60 minutes worth of missions to complete. However, there are three higher difficulty settings than what I was playing at, so there is still replay value. However, as the game continues to develop, you can expect that a lot more content will be added.

Overall, the gameplay is a bit deeper than you might expect. The game mixes intense shooting rampages with stealthy missions and the need to keep your teammates alive at all costs in some cases. So, while you may go blazing into a building full of enemies in one mission, you’ll need to carefully keep rescued hostages alive in the next. And, the scores you get as you finish missions will give you experience that allows you to get “promoted” in rank, unlocking skill points to use to enhance your abilities. What’s more, some of the hostages you rescue become permanent playable characters, and so you’ll also want to work on raising their stats as well as the ones for your default character.

Currently, Kick Ass Commandos can be purchased for $5.99 on Steam. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen here, so I have no problem recommending this if you enjoy these types of shooters!

Jessica Brown

Retro Games and Technology Editor. She'll beat pretty much every Mega Man game without breaking a sweat.