Grand Kingdom Character Trailers 1 & 2

We’re getting close now, only a little over two weeks until the launch date of Grand Kingdom. For me this is the game I’m most looking forward to this month, even beating out TMS #FE. 

I did talk about my experiences in the beta in an earlier post, and even with the issues i had back then i’m still eagre to get my hands on this game.  While it’s simple to play, it’s addictive and draws you in, as you play longer and longer.

Here we have have two new trailers, the first from late may and the second released today!

Of all the classes in this trailer I’m loving the Valkrie and Dark Knight the most, especially the Dark Knight; I love his combat animations and the vibe he gives off when in action. I really want to play as the Dark Knight!!

The next trailer covers the generic characters, the Fighter, Medic, Witch, and Hunter. While these are rather lack lustre characters, they will most likely end up being the back bone of early teams. While their skills don’t really look that appealing, they’ll be there to cover your back when you need them 😀

So get ready for the conquest to build your own Grand Kingdom from the 17th June!!

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