No Game No Life Anime Movie Announced

During the MF Bunko J Summer School Festival 2016 event on July 17th 2016, it was announced that Yuu Kamiya’s No Game, No Life series will finally be making its animation return in the form of an Anime Film adaption of the light novel.


In April 2014 a pair of shut in gamer step siblings were challenged to a game of chess by God and won, thus finding themselves thrown into a fantasy world where gaming is law. Finally in a world where they felt like they belong, Sora and Shiro began on a journey to challenge Tet, The One True God, to a game in order to take his title and stand above all as the best. However to do so they must first conquer all the Exceed of Disboard in order to do so.

Kamiya’s light novel which launched in April 2012 has already found great success in the anime series which roughly translates the first 3 volumes. There are currently 8 Volumes of the Novel out in Japan with Volume 4 having recently been published by Yen Press in North America with Volume 5 expected to follow soon. The manga adaptation by Mashiro Hiiragi currently has 1 Volume out.

There are currently not many details about the film project but author Kamiya has hinted via NGNL Volume 6 covertwitter that the characters seen in the announcement artwork, while similar in appearance, may not be Sora and Shiro but instead Riku and Shuvi from Volume 6.  Riku and Shuvi are noted as having been an important part of the Great War story, as told by Tet.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting since 2014 for No Game, No Life to make its return to the screen and boy am I excited. While there is no news yet of a season 2 for the anime, hope shines bright.

If you haven’t watched the No Game, No Life anime or read the light novel, its not to late to jump in and see how a couple of shut in, codependent game addicts can change an entire world.

Stay tuned for updates. I’m off to re-watch the anime and find a few copies of the light novel while I wait.

Adrian Moses

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  1. Interesting! I enjoyed the anime but the OVA’s were… Uhm, terrible.
    So, a continuation of this series is amazing to see 🙂