What To Read | Manga Update June 2018

Another month has come and gone and with it we’ve had lots of great manga to choose from. With insane amount of books being released each month it’s almost impossible to keep up or let alone acquire all of them. So this is where I come in, to help you narrow down your choices and hopefully find wonderful reads that you otherwise wouldn’t.

Please note I may not have read any of these, and this list doesn’t confirm if they’re good or not, just that I find them interesting.

As usual I’ll be focusing on the top 4 manga publishers; VIZ Media, Yen Press, Seven Seas Entertainment, and Kodansha Comics. The choices for this list are purely based on my personal preference so if you wish to know what that entail, then I recommend reading some of my previous reviews. Also starting this month I will be avoiding recommending visual novels, as I don’t have much time to read them anymore, so this is purely a manga list.

VIZ Media


Starting with VIZ Media we have fewer choices than I expected similar to last month. The reason for that being that most of the volumes are not new first volume entries. Also some of them just frankly don’t interest me. That being said there are still a few good options for those who may not mind getting a few earlier volumes.


Yen Press


As usual Yen Press knocks it out of the park with volumes that inspire me to want to read more. Btooom! has been one of the series that I’ve fancied for years, so with a new volume I’m definitely interested. One of my interests from April returns with a second volume for As Miss Beelzebub Likes, and a couple new ones.


Kodansha Comics


Kodansha continues to have my favorite line up thanks to more mature offerings. Release like Fuuka, You Got Me, Senpai!, and Magatsuki snatched my attention immediately. Most of my choices for this publisher are 100% predicated on their visually appealing covers alone. If you’re like me and prefer mature reads then this is definitely the publisher you’re going to want to read from.


Seven Seas Entertainment


As usual Sven Seas Entertainment brings up the rear. They usually have the most new volumes, but this month they’ve managed to have as much as the competition. Volumes like My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 1 gripped my attention thanks their airy reflection of real life. Others like Satan’s Secretary simply captivated me with their synopsis and cover design. With not as much as last month, I think Seven Seas Entertainment still has much to offer.

Well, these are my choices for must reads for the month of June 2018. Leave a comment to let me know if you’re planning on reading any of these, or to share what other manga you’ll be reading this month.

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