I originally wrote this for the 6 MUST OWN PS VITA GAMES article I did due to a request from a friend who was who had plans on getting a PS Vita, however I decided to go with the other format and now I feel like this one needs a little bit of love too. So you can consider it to be a follow up to that other PS Vita list or something like that.

Anywho, this is a list of games that I believe you just cannot do without if you own a PS Vita. If after reading the list you have any suggestions or maybe you feel that i’ve mocked this all up then please feel free to let me know in the comment sections below.



  •  The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

    After playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel for few hours I thought to myself, “this may be the next Persona 4: Golden for the Vita”, but after spending more time with the game I realized that wasn’t that. What Trials of Cold Steel is, is a very good JRPG on the PS Vita. It’s one of the best in fact. It’s the type of game that was really close to being perfect, but due to a few shortcomings couldn’t fully capitalize on all it’s potential.

    If you’re not a fan of these types of games, this game is not going to change your mind about them. For those of you that are fans of JRPGs, Anime and have a PS VIta, Buy it. It’s $39.99 and it’s worth every cent of that price tag. With it’s great plot, charismatic characters, unique battle system and bevy of content, you won’t find a better JRPG for the handheld other than Persona 4 Golden, and Tales of Hearts.

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  • Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

    One of those JRPGs that you wouldn’t want anywhere else than on a handheld. OTB is a very Japanese styled game, in that is looks the part with lots of references to asian culture,
     and water colored shell shaded look that makes it looks a lot like a classic japanese painting in motion. The game’s story of betrayal, gods, and demons plays out through cutscenes after and before missions. These missions are your standard dungeon crawling affair with a new take on the turn based system. It rewards the player depending how they choose to defeat your enemies. So how you win a fight is just as important as winning.

    Also it should be noted that this game launched with a surprising $20 USD price tag and is constantly on sale. My recommendation is to buy it at the full price of twenty dollars and then buy another copy for a friend like I did. It’s that good a game.

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  • Tales of Hearts R

    As is stated in my review of this game; Tales of Hearts R is what you can consider an entry level JRPG. It has an easy to follow story, beautiful anime cutscenes, an easy to grasp action oriented battle system, and a pretty sizable map to explore.  It
     is all in all a pretty good JRPG that I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of this genre, or maybe interested in getting involved in these types of games. It’s not as convoluted as other JRPGs, while managing to still keep the feel that only these kinds of games can offer. 

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  • MLB The Show (whichever one is the newest in the series)


    I’ve chosen to include a sports game into the list to mix things up a bit, and so the sport game that I have chosen to feature is MLB the Show. I have played other sport games on the VIta including Hotshots Golf and FIFA, but MLB the show manages to surpass the other games in it’s genre by the way it approaches the franchise on a platform like the Vita. The Vita version of the game is pretty much a duplicate of the console version in that it has gorgeous graphics, the same control scheme and all the required modes, including online play (something FIFA on Vita lacks). That being said the Vita version of MLB The Show has a few tweeks to make the gameplay on the go more accessible. By having quicker games with simulations while you are not batting or pitching you are able to progress through a game a lot quicker than on the console version, however you choose to play longer you can extend you game time with a few changes in the settings menu. For those that want a bit more it is possible to switch off some of these time savers, but I think it’s very handy if you want to get a quick match in while on the bus to work.

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  • Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster (two of the finest JRPGs ever made all in one fine package)

    I loved the original FFX on the PS2, infact it was the reason I bought mine way back when. FFX was and still is a great game with great voice acting, quests, characters, and an engaging turn based battle system. Square enix took all of this, updated the graphics a bit and added some more content, and made it available for us on the go via the PS VIta. It’s pretty much the same idea as persona 4 Golden just for FFX/X2, and the best part is that you get both of these games for the price of one. I’ve even seen it as low as $20 on amazon on a few occasions. If you have a PS VIta and don’t have this in your collection, GET IT!


  • Dustforce

    This game boasts a really gorgeous art style and some of the best chiptune music I’ve encountered in recent years. The game has you control a character who is able to maneuver in a sort of parcor styled way while collection these dust particles from the environment and enemies. The stages are all pretty well designed and challenging. They offer a feel that reminded me of playing games like super meat boy and limbo, but ad a mix of sunic to that and you kinda have the feel of Dustforce.  It’s an all out awesome package, and I don’t see any excuse why everyone shouldn’t have this gem. It is simply an all in all full package of platforming goodness at it’s best.

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Notable mentions

  • Ratchet and clank collection
  • God of war collection
  • Persona 3
  • Child of light
  • Akiba’s trip: undead & undressed


Games that we wish were on Vita

  • Infamous
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs the world
  • Costume Quest 1+2
  • Xcom: Enemy Unknown
  • Naruto storm series

There we have it, that’s our list, do you agree with it? let me know in the comment section below! 

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