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Due to the game crashing I’ve not finished Moero Chronicle Hyper in the traditional sense. After arriving at what I assume to be the final dungeon, grinding some levels, and capturing some monster girls, the game crashed. When shit like that happens after 45+ hours of game time, I considers that as game completed. The stress of losing my progress after a long grind session ain’t something that one can easily get over. That being said, I don’t think there’s much missed by not completing the final dungeon. This includes the knowledge of post game content, which is supposedly much more difficult than the main game.

So with that information in hand, I think we’re well equipped for this review…

Moero Chronicle Hyper for the Nintendo Switch is what I’d consider an interesting game. It’s not the best in its genre, and it’s certainly not without flaws, however, the time spent with the game is arguably some of the best time I’ve had this year. This title is first person dungeon crawling RPG similar to the like The Lost Child just with notable lewd influences.

The dungeons each having a fixed detailed design with traps, mobs, and all that other good stuff. Every dungeon has between 4 and 6 main floors as well as some sealed off locations which I’ve come to understand are unlocked during post game. This is all connected by a single hub town with an inn and store to cover all your needs. The inn serves as your base of operation, with rooms for each of your monster girls, along with options to customize them to suit your desires.

Now though this is a game that I’ve already dubbed interesting, it’s not a game for everyone. Most should already know if it’s a game for them by looking at the artwork, if not then allow me to spell it out for you. THIS IS A GAME FOR ADULTS ONLY! It has a PEGI 18 rating for the EU and M for the NA region. The responsibility for if a child plays this title rest with their parents.

Responsible adulting aside, what else can you expect from the game?

Set in a world inhabited by humans, monsters and monster girls, Moero Chronicles Hyper teases the player with moderate amounts payoff. In this world, something strange starts happening to all the monster girls. Every monster girl excluding the ones in the main town have become hostile to humans. The main character isn’t even the hero type, yet against his will it becomes duty to fix the issue. After some investigation you’ll learn what’s the cause of this issue and how to fix it.

Moero Chronicle Hyper is Pokémon for adults

To help the monster girls, the player must first weaken them using a traditional turn-based battle system then perform a rubbing motion mini game to capture them. Each monster girl requires different rubbing motions across their body to capture them. Though the game encourages use of unique gestures, I found the most effect techniques was to rapidly tap their weak spots till the gauge on the left filled.

In a way this is a game I’d define as Adult Pokémon. You capture monster girls, battle, and train them. The plot is also serviceable enough, and the optional dialog between monster girls adds to the overall lore and appeal of the title.

The combat is simple with elemental strengths and weaknesses as well as buffs, and perks. There are also numerous systems in place for applying passive buffs. The most important of which is the trait system. Each girl has up to two traits which can add unique effects in battle depending on the requirements of the trait.

Example the trait, innocent – it increases the base magical defence of the character if her SP falls below 50%.

These traits also have the most interesting names I’ve seen in an rpg to date. Some examples include; Cute Butt, Tsundere, and small tits.

See why this is a game for adults?

Ahhh but I love it!

As mentioned before, Moero Chronicle Hyper plays similarly to other great first person dungeon crawling rpgs. This includes a working map system which allows the player to select a position on the revealed map to have the characters move to automatically. There may be random encounters while doing so, but those can also be avoided by selecting escape or using auto battles. Between these two options I highly recommend the second because the game has a major difficulty spike the further you progress. In fact I think it’s a good idea to grind a little after completing each dungeon to at least be able to compete with the random mobs in the next one. If not you could very easily find your entire party KO’d in a single shot.

It’s also wise to include monster girls in your part that suited for dungeon you’re in. Your party can consist of any 5 monster girls you’ve captured and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Monster girls also have different outfits which act as a class system for each girl. Once you’ve gained enough intimacy with one of them, you’ll gain the ability to switch her outfits. With each monster girl having up to 4 outfits, you’d think they’d unlock from increasing levels, but they’re not. They litter the levels like standard chests, consumables and from mobs.

Personally I like this system, however I think it should have included a single outfit that unlocks from gaining full intimacy with each girl. As it is the only thing you gain from doing so is more dialog and items which can be found or purchased. This cheapens the intimacy system and reduces incentive to complete them. After completing three I stopped trying and instead focused on finding pantsu outfits in dungeons.

Oh wait, did I not mention that all the outfits are either pantsu or swimsuits? ?

Visually the characters and their outfits are stunning, however, there are the few which I didn’t fancy. The lolli character called Azuki Arai was at the top of that list. Her design made me so uncomfortable that I purposely reduced her level to one and avoided increasing her intimacy at all cost. That aside we still got gems like Kamaitachi, Jack-o’-lantern, and omg….. Ellie, “MY QUEEN”!

Other than the look of the monster girls, I also greatly appreciate the look of the dungeons, especially the first and third one. I won’t bother explaining why, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out from this:

The Dungeons are not the only visual aspect of the game that deserves appreciation. The mobs also have interestingly unique designs that you’ll probably never see in any other game. From Boob UFOs to what I can only describe as sentient lady toys, this game almost doesn’t hold back, almost.

The monsters also serve a more practical role as pets to buff the monster girls during battle. This is due to an automatic occurrence that happens after most battle. Sometimes monsters are captured and can be used for either crafting or pets. There is also a mascot monster called Otton who joins the party and he’s a bit of a dick, both literally and figuratively. Ottan does however offer added attacks if weaknesses are exploited and he’s the one who facilitates the capture of monster girls. He’s also got a damn fine voice. All of the characters do, and it helps that the entire game is fully voiced in Japanese. It really brings the world and characters to life.

So many control options

The game controls like you’d expect with D-pad, joystick and touch controls on the Nintendo Switch. These options serve as exactly that, options. You can alternate how you play on the fly without needing to change anything within menus. A prime example is the bump scratch mini game used for capturing monster girls. It favors touch input, but also functions well with joystick and buttons for playing the game while the switch is docked. Dialog can also be revised, and hidden via the touch of a button. This may seem like a small thing, but trust me when I say players notice stuff like this. These quality of life additions improve the player experience by allowing them to play however they may desire. Add in the room building system for gaining passive EXP on monster girls you don’t use and you have a game that greatly favours player choice.

Final Verdict

All in all Moero Chronicle Hyper is a game that I think will appeal to the P-life peeps out there who I whole heartedly respect with every fiber of my being. Excluding you lolli fans who actually think Azuki Arai is a good character. You guys are degenerates and you disgust me.

So is this the best P-life game out there? No, that’s obviously Senran Kagura Estival Versus.

Is it the worst? Hell No, this game will easily set you back some insane time and reward you for it.

It is a solid entry in this genre and I highly recommend picking it up if you like first person dungeon crawling rpgs, and happen to not be afraid of the animated visualization of the female body in all its appeal.

The copy of Moero Chronicle Hyper used for this review was provided by it’s publisher Idea Factory.

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