Check Out Tsukasa from Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors

We’re just a couple weeks away from getting our grubby paws on the ecchi sensation that is Criminal Girls 2, which means that we’re finally getting more and more details from NIS America about the characters in the game.  This time we got a look at Tsukasa:

Tsukasa’s a bad girl. A real bad girl. A street-smart punk with a loose tongue. She’s tough, but she’s not completely without a soft side. She has a good sense of humor as well. Despite her looks, she’s actually a powerful healer. But the mace she uses isn’t just for show.

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors releases for PS Vita on September 20th in North America and September 23rd in some European countries.

We’ll have a review for the game here soon and you can also listen to our Ecchi content related podcast to get more details when the game released. 

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