“The Descendant: Episode 1” Full Playthrough!

The Descendant is an episodic post-apocalyptic PC adventure game from Gaming Corps AB that I was turned onto by a good friend of mine. Each episode seems to be fairly short so far (around an hour or less), so this lends itself to easy recording because each episode of the game is like an episode of a TV show – self-contained and yet hooking you in to want to play more and more.

In this first episode of the game, we get a good bit of backstory about how the world ended and humanity’s best and brightest were saved in cryogenic sleep within various “Arks.” The story picks up with a “janitor” and a senator, a two-man rescue team, being sent to ARK-01 to wake up the janitors there and get the descendants back to civilization. That is, they would if it were only that simple!

The game is very narrative-driven and on rails for the whole experience, but overall the acting is well-done and the writing does a great job drawing you into the game’s world. I also like that the story is told with flashbacks connecting to the present day, showing why the ARK is in the state it’s in by the time the main story takes place.

I really enjoyed my time with the game, so I think I’ll go ahead and purchase the rest of the “season” and record the other episodes at some point!

Meanwhile, if you like what you see here, don’t hesitate to pick up your own copy on Steam!

Jessica Brown

Retro Games and Technology Editor. She'll beat pretty much every Mega Man game without breaking a sweat.