Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni Release Delayed

Earlier today PQube announced that the release of Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni for the PS Vita has been delayed to September 30 in Europe and October 11 in North America.

If  you’re worried about this delay, please note that “it’s just a two weeks wait”.  The girls of Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni will still be waiting for you just a bit later than originally planned due to technical issues. That extra time should allow the publisher to fix these issues to give us the best version of this title.

According to PQube these may or may not involve a series of totally unexpected wardrobe malfunctions:

“Once Rinka gets her equipment operational again, we’ll be good to go once more! Please remain excited for another few weeks for the fast and furious action of Valkyrie Drive!”

Those of you who have already made up your mind on getting it you can get the Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni Liberator’s Edition exclusively from Rice Digital or the Standard Edition from Amazon (NA), (EU) , Videogames Plus or GAME.


The rest can wait on the game to weaponize your PSVita on September 30 in Europe and October 11 in North America, and check us again for the review…..

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