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Short version:

If you showed me this game’s steam page prior to me actually “experiencing” it, and asked me to purchase said game. I’d laugh in your face and call you ridiculous. Oh and I’d say no to, i’d definitely say no. Why I say this is because the screenshots, and trailers for Adam Wolfe don’t do the game any justice. At face value it looks like a cheap indie visual novel, something that it is not. Adam Wolfe is an experience wrapped up in a brilliantly put together point and click puzzle adventure. The game has stellar voice acting that one would expect from a mid to high production tele series. This “game” is something that I think should not be purchased for oneself, but as gifts to friends with instructions for them to gift it to another person if they like it, and they will like it.


Long version:

Acting as Adam Wolfe, an investigator of paranormal activities, you will get a chance to discover a hidden occult world that exists under the modern San Francisco. In this city, ghosts, mysterious artifacts, secret orders and curses are just some of the things that Adam will come across as he tries to solve a series of strange crimes while he searches for something important to him. This game was developed by Mad Head Games and is available on Steam as an episodic series. You can purchase the episode one for $5.99 and buy the other episodes as DLC for $15.99, or you can buy all 4 episodes together for $19.99. As I mentioned before this game’s screenshots, trailers and steam page do not do it enough justice. It should be sold as a tele series with a different style for the games cover, one that screams, “buy me, buy me now.”




The game itself looks great while playing it, because the art style lends itself well to the type of experience that Adam Wolfe is. It’s got this motion comic noir sort look to it, that I immediately fell in love with after my first couple of minutes with the game. The way the developer used this unique style to tell the story of a supernatural detective is simply brilliant, and I feel the need to applaud them for it. Then tie that in with the surprisingly high quality fully voiced characters and you have what I call an “experience.”




As for the gameplay, it’s your standard point and click style puzzler, whereby you can click on things in the environment to investigate them and progress through the story. The gameplay can sometimes become a bit challenging when you’re not sure what you should be clicking on, but I feel that is what makes this all the more appealing. Many of the other games I’ve played recently require me to invest days upon days of my time to get some value out of them, but this doesn’t. The experience this game offers is one that I would prefer to play on my mobile phone or a tablet, basically anything that allows me to sit and relax as though I were watching a series on the tele. Adam Wolfe is also available on IOS so those with iPhones & iPads may get the most mileage out of it. The rest of us can just use a laptop like I did, to experience the game the way I think it should be experienced.

Adam Wolfe is also short in the sweet kind of way. It’s magnificent without overstaying it’s welcome, which is probably the aspect about it that I like the most. I was able to complete the entire first episode in a relatively short amount of time between working other projects, then return to said work without feeling like I had just exerted myself, which is how most other games tend to leave me feeling.

Final Verdict

Adam Wolfe was a really enjoyable, entertaining experience that I recommend to anyone that likes watching mystery series on tele. The puzzles are simple enough and the story is of exceptional quality. The only flaw I found with this game is that it doesn’t initially grab your attention when you find it on an online digital store, and that isn’t really something to do with the game, but rather something to do with it’s marketing. hopefully the publisher finds more effective ways to get the game noticed, because this is a game that needs to be experienced.

A copy of Adam Wolfe was provided by Mad Head Games for this review.

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