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Have you ever gotten something that you didn’t know you wanted, but after using it you come to the realization and appreciation of its true value? Well that’s more or less how I feel about the Snakebyte VR: Controller. The controller is a wireless Android compatible controller that can be used with Android devices running Android version 3.2 or higher. Though it is listed as a VR controller, It functions as any other controller that one would use to play games on the platform. Admittedly I didn’t play any VR games with it, but I did play a couple regular games that supported control input on my Phone.

OK, I think we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Let’s take a few paces back and talk about what you get if you choose to purchase one of these controllers. The Snakebyte VR:Controller comes with some really minimalistic packaging. All you get is a small box with the controller inside, and a very long charging cable. There is no unnecessary extra padding or unused space in the packaging. It’s a small box that has a snug fit for the items inside. 


Less is Better!

Less packaging is so much more appealing to me… well except when it is related to something that can break, like glass or a phone. For those I say, “bring on the padding.”

Anywho, inside our box we find the a neat little controller that felt very good in my hands. The weight, press of the buttons, and overall feel of the controller feels high quality. If you handed this to me with my eyes closed I wouldn’t know who the manufacturer was, but I’d certainly say, “this feels good.” The controller gives off a very premium feel, and with a $30 price tag I can easily recommend it to gamers that play on mobile devices. It synced up very easily to my phone via Bluetooth, allowing me to comfortably play a couple games that I had downloaded specifically for this review. Not all Android games work with the controller, so I advise you look up a list of Android games compatible with controllers



This is a very premium looking/feeling device


The button layout is also another aspect where this controller shines. It’s a non-apologetic replica of the Xbox 360’s controller, except with a better D-Pad. The only real variations are the Android menu buttons near the section of the controller facing the player, buttons that I rarely used in my time with the device as they didn’t seem to always do what I wanted them to do. By the look of the icons on them I can safely assume that they were designed to function on older versions and have not been functionally updated for Android 6.0+. However, I didn’t take issue with this aspect of the controller because it for the most part did what I wanted it to do.

The only shortcomings I can list about it are the fact that it didn’t function properly as a PC controller when connected to my PC, and that it was not recognized at all by my laptop’s Bluetooth. These however were really minor complaints that didn’t bother me, but I feel are worth listing in case anyone is considering buying this to use as a PC controller.

Controller aside, we also got an XBOX ONE controller kit, that included a carrying case, a 9.8ft cable and 4 controller caps to cover the joysticks on your controllers.

Please note that we could only find a link for it in the UK Amazon store, which has it listed for £19.99.

Of all the things in this kit, the one item that will serve the least use to me is the controller case. Even though the case is very well built with storage space for accessories, solid exterior, and a perfect seating for my XBOX ONE controller. I struggle to find a realistic scenario whereby I would need to use such a case. The only people I can see using a case like this are competitive gamers that carry their controllers with them to tournaments. I’m not likely to carry a controller with me without the console, and in such situation I’d likely pack both my controller, and the console in the same carrying bag. Simply put, this case is not for someone like “me”.




That being said the Kit does include other items that are perfect for just about any gamer out there. Of all the items included in the kit, the cable is the most useful. What you get is a braided green and black beauty that enables you to play your games at a distance while at the same time charging your controller. For PC gamers that use either the XBOX ONE, or XBOX 360, this is something that you don’t just want but need. My original cable that came with my controller broke near the connector, which made using it a bit of a hassle. Well not anymore. That cable has now been replaced by this new guy, and I think this is going to be my current gaming cable for the foreseeable future. Oh and as for the joystick caps, well let’s just say that they’re hiding the shame of caused by the damage that my thumbsticks have accumulated due to extensive use. They feel and look great, especially the green ones which I have made a permanent addition to my XBOX ONE controller.

Final Verdict

Of all of the items we’ve received from Snakebyte recently, these are two of my favorite. Though I may not have much need for the controller case, I will be getting much use out of the other items that came included in the XBOX ONE Game:Kit. As for the Android Controller, well let’s just say I no longer have an excuse for not playing games on my mobile phone anymore.

The Snakebyte VR:Controller & Game:Kit used for this review were supplied to us by Snakebyte.

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  1. My Xbox One controller is currently in a Crown Royal drawstring bag when I take it with me, so I could see the benefit to a more rigid case for my bag.

  2. Unfortunately their low-price standard PC controller has awful input lag and the controlsticks are only mediocre. The controlsticks are better than “cheap controllers” (though not very good) but the input lag is unparalleled in my experience – be it wired or wireless, since it depends on the integration, not the transmission, just a little interesting but pretty obvious info.

    But because of this, I don’t trust buying anything more “premium” from Snakebyte anymore, also because of the mediocre controlsticks which are just unnecessary and lazy (I don’t believe for a minute that it’s truly dependent on price, not even for mice 20€ upwards, at least as far as the provider is concerned -or that Microsoft would actually need every last penny to pay their controlstick debtors etc.).

    1. I didn’t know their standard PC controller was as terrible as you say. I’ve only used the mobile vr controller and it worked perfectly, no lag and felt great, but I’ll maybe have to check out some of their other controllers to see how they stavkup