Ladies Your Husbandos Are Here!

A week ago we published an article highlighting each of the possible female love interest that players can expect in the upcoming farming simulator-ish series, Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. In that article I took the time to speculate about the personalities of each of the fine ladies in the game, while also affirming which of them I’d be most interested in.

Fast froward to this week, we have more information about other possible love interest, but this time they’re all blokes. Now I know that most other blokes will not be interested in these other potential romances, myself included, but this article is not for us. These are for the gamers that want to tangle with the mysteries of the blokish kind…

Disclaimer: I’m already playing the game, and have already encountered some of theses characters so my opinions are a bit more founded than it was in previous article.

So how about we get started:


He’s the first bloke you meet in the game, and boy is he a looker. Dude’s got that charming stylish cowboy look going for him. The kind that makes you wonder why this model/Magic Mike stand in is moonlighting as a mail man. I mean, COME ON! no one is buying that he’s just a mail man, no one.

Side note: He’s my unofficial in game bestie. We dashing fellows gotta stick together. 


I can hear the screeching of the fan girls now. They love the cool, composed silent types. The kind bloke that will never elude to his true feelings towards you, even after 10 years of marriage, and those 20 kids. Yup, Ford is your resident cool guy, who happens to be a mix of a doctor and Monk (not the cool bold headed wise guys, the bloke on that show that solves murders).


Can someone please tell this little boy that his mom is looking for him, and that he needs to wipe away that milk stash above his upper lip from this morning’s feeding. Seriously though, is anyone really gonna buy that this bloke is a love interest, except for your 12 year old sister that still plays with dolls? I mean he even has Naruto’s wife’s name.


Do you guys know the Tyrone videos? You know, the bloke that shows up out of nowhere looking all buff and stuff, then steals your woman. I see Ludus as the small town version to that guy. He’s tall, dark and chiseled looking. He better stay away from my waifu, because I’m not giving her up without a fight.


“Excuse me mama, can you direct me to the fin…..” OMG it’s a dude! this bloke is so a chick pretending to be a bloke. Just look at that girly face and that long elegant hair. I’m sure he just got back from his hairdresser and facial parlor. On a more serious note, this has to be the bloke that will get the second most attention. He’s got that gentle look to him that a lot of ladies seem to like.


…And there we have it. These are all the blokes we know of so far that can be perused in the gameI understand that my opinions of these blokes may be completely wrong, and thus I welcome all other opinions of these characters. STORY OF SEASONS: Trio of Towns makes it’s way to the Nintendo 3DS on February 28th 2017.

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