Akihabara Has Been Tastefully Recreated In the Upcoming AKIBA’S BEAT

Take a look at the at the recreation of Akihabara and the troubles brewing in AKIBA’S BEAT, the brand-new action RPG coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Akihabara, perhaps the most famous district of Tokyo, is a place where technology and culture collide and create wondrous new experiences for residents and tourists alike. AKIBA’S BEAT developer, ACQUIRE, are situated right in the heart of Akihabara and have gone to great pains to recreate the world-famous district of Tokyo.

Every shop and sight in Akiba is represented and everyone who has been there will be able to walk the streets of Electric Town and recognize where they are, while those who have not yet been can familiarize themselves with the geek and gaming mecca quite intimately.

Akihabara has changed many times over the years: after World War II, it served as a post-war black market before it transformed into the musical centre of Tokyo. It then became the famous Electric Town before it turned into the gaming heart of Tokyo, the arcade mecca that we’re all familiar with. It’s arguable that Akihabara has changed again, becoming more focused on geek culture, the internet and memes than strictly video games.

People are drawn to different incarnations of Akiba, with different ideas of what Akihabara is and should be. And recently, within this ever-changing Tokyo town, people’s desires, dreams and dismays have begun to manifest themselves in reality as delusions, with a mysterious man in an ostentatious hat surveying the changes from afar. No one but a select few chosen ones are even able to tell that anything is amiss, and it is up to them to do something about it!

Asahi Tachibana is a self-professed NEET who dropped out of school and spends most of his time playing games, watching anime and reading manga. He considers himself a career NEET and is quite proud of the fact that he doesn’t do anything but lounge around all day.

Asahi finds himself trapped in a time loop as he realizes that Sunday keeps repeating itself, and strange things start appearing in Akihabara. As a chosen one it is up to Asahi to shed his NEET lifestyle and put in maximum effort in order to unite the other chosen ones and save his hometown!

AKIBA’S BEAT will dispel your delusions on May 16th in NA, and May 19th, 2017 in the EU on PS4 and PSVita!

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