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Akiba’s Trip is one of those games that I believe is the primary reason that the Playstation Vita exists. It’s sort of embarrassing to be seen playing such a game on the tele, and everything about it is so blatantly Japanese, but on your handheld it’s A-OK. Handheld giant; Nintendo would not likely allow such a title on their 3DS, and that’s where the Vita comes in. It’s the perfect platform for these types of games. Sony is known for more mature experiences, and the Vita has all the buttons and power that you would want for a console like experience in the palm of your hands. When I first saw this game on sale in the PSN store I was not sure if it was the title for me. You see I had a choice between this or Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, and with a budget of only $40 I could only have one, So I messaged Ryu and asked him which one I should get. He said get Sword Art. Only a moment later to he sent another message stating that he had just purchased it, and so as I knew he’d be reviewing Sword Art so I purchased Akiba’s Trip.

The PS Vita: The perverts system 😉

As for the Story of Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed, it’s a simple anime styled one. There are really no extravagant plot twists here so I’m gonna be vague where the story is concerned. If you’ve watch enough anime then trust me when I say you’ll know exactly how this games gonna go. The story follows your protagonist; I named mine “Pro” (my original gamertag). He is an Otaku who has signed a contract to work for a company for rare collectibles (yeah I know he’s quite the dimwit). The job that he signs up for turns out to be a recruitment method for turning humans into these made vampire like creatures, to then take over Akihabara. These creatures get enhanced super human abilities, but die if majority of their skin is exposed to sunlight. So, make a guess how you beat such a creature? Well it’s pretty simple really, you just beat your opponent to the point that their clothes are all messed up, then you rip those clothes from their bodies.


Each character can have between 2 to 3 sections of clothing on their bodies that need to be removed to defeat them; Head (hats, bows, headphones), Upper body (tops, jackets), Lower body (jeans, skirts, shorts). There are a lot more types of clothing that characters may be wearing, but most of the interesting ones will only show up closer to the end of the game or post game.

Your Character is a part of a group called the Akiba Freedom fighters, and due to a girl that saves him from the Synthisters (Vampire like enemies), he has gotten the type of strengths and weakness as the Synthisters, but he remains himself. The Freedom fighters consists of 4 girls when you first start the game, and you meet 2 more before the end game (yes there are blokes there too but who cares. :p ). Why I mention these girls is because you get to strip them, and you get wallpapers of them for your in game phone after completing a training mission with them. I was able to cheat the game’s system and get 5 of the girls striped in a single play-through.

If you save the game before you have to make a decision to choose which girl you train with, you can then beat each girl make a separate save for each post beating them and then load the original save and get all the wallpapers.


Yep that’s Super Sonico

The gameplay in Akiba’s Strip was pretty easy to get a grasp of because it is a action rpg. The game can be completed quite quickly if you rush it, but if it’s to be truly enjoyed then one would have to partake I everything that this title has to offer.  From collecting in game flyers to the Arena battles. All that this game has to offer should be experienced. It’s well worth it too. Personally, I spent most of the beginning of the game grinding, doing side missions, and the Arena battles. So by the end I was about Lvl 44 with a +700 Atk baseball bat that allowed me to demolish any enemy, but how you choose to play is totally up to you.

This game also allows the player to use lots of unique weapons that you would not usually find in any other title. My first good weapon was a Lvl 20 monitor, (yes a computer monitor and it kicked ass). As I progressed through the game I gained weapons like laptops, rockets, model trains, Otaku body pillows and more. These can be enhanced by the fighting style that you choose for your character, and by combining them with other weapons.

Some of the Ads I found while playing

Final Verdict

Akiba’s Trip is a fan service game made for fans of anything considered Otaku. In my time with it I found it to be wonderful, and light-hearted. It features the look and feel (I’m assuming, I’ve never been there) of the real Akihabara, minus the fantasy stuff. There even are real ads (yes they can be turned off) for store, and products that can be found in the real city. As I played the game I’d run into maid girls that would give flyers that can be used by anyone visiting Akihabara. There were even video ads for other games playing on the large in game screens on the sides of buildings. This is not a game I’d recommend to everyone, but if you are huge anime/ manga fans I’d quicker recommend it to you. I had quite a great time playing this title, and can’t wait to return to, hopefully someday I can visit the real city.

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  1. You perv :p

    You told me sword art was out since you knew i wouldnt be able to resist buying it. Which meant you got to do the perv fest. I know how your mind works bro!!


  2. It’s coming to Europe this week. I cannot wait. Hurrah for pervy games of the Vita. I actually got a platinum for Monster Monpiece 😉 I don’t think the 3DS can claim to be pure though. They have Senran Kagura Burst.

      1. It’s not too difficult, although I had to endure the bug that sometimes caused the game to freeze when you rub cards (thankfully that has since been patched.)